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optic's Journal

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24 September 1971
I post movie reviews, book reviews, recipes... this is the easiest way to find them.

I also keep a more detailed food blog of some of my experiments, which you can search.

Or just search my site in general.

808, akira kurosawa, akira yoshimura, alan turing, alchemy, architecture, art deco, art nouveau, artificial intelligence, atlanta, audi, bad modern architecture, baking, basslines, being nice, bettie page, black, books, bookstores, bread, buddhism, cate blanchett, chocolate chip cookies, clanky's noom, cognitive science, cooking, cornering, dagmara dominczyk, danger man, dangerous women, dashiell hammett, data mining, david foster wallace, designing houses, deutsch, digital aliasing, dorothy parker, driving, driving sideways, economics, edna st vincent millay, electro, electronic music, evolution, feminism, fencing, film, flappers, food writing, four-wheel drift, golems, gormenghast, gti, irma vep, italian futurism, jane austen, japan, jeanette winterson, joy division, judaism, kate winslet, kraftwerk, kurosawa, language, libra, linguistics, literature, logic, louise brooks, lulu, m coupe, machine learning, magritte, margin of error, math, mc escher, mfk fisher, minimal techno, minimalism, minoru chiaki, mj ladly, modern architecture, movies, music, new order, orbital, parallax, people-watching, peter lorre, peter saville, photography, photoshop, pin-ups, portishead, propaganda, quirks of language, raymond chandler, reading, roald dahl, robotech, robots, rosie the riveter, samurai jack, scrabble, seattle, seiji miyaguchi, seven samurai, silent films, silent movies, smut, steve mcqueen, stuff, sushi, synthpop, takashi shimura, tamara de lempicka, techno, thai food, the hell, the prisoner, the theory of evolution, theory, tilda swinton, tizer, tungsten film, unique interests, vaz, veronica lake, vintage cameras, vocoders, vr6, vw, william gibson, writing, xbox, yaz, yoshio tsuchiya, yves tanguy

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